DOLPHIN WATCH NATURE TOURSIncluding the Shrimp Trawl and other fun activities

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Visit Port Aransas, and take a cruise on our calm Gulf Waters for a non-stop lesson on ecology, history and wildlife of the Texas Coast. Nature Tours has several USCG inspected vessels available to meet your needs. All are safe, comfortable and wheelchair accessible with clean restrooms. We can accommodate large groups aboard our unique floating Marine Biology laboratories for exciting educational field trips, appropriate for students of all ages and abilities.


Would you like to pet a crab? Or kiss a stingray? Or see the tiny babies a father catfish carries in its mouth? It is always a surprise to see what swims or crawls in our trawl net! Examine the catch safely in our kid and critter friendly touch tank while our knowledgable crew identifies and explains the habitat and life cycle of each animal. At the end of the trip we will ask your students to help us release all the animals back to their homes in the sea.


As you watch the wild dolphins frolic in their Natural habitat, keep your eyes open for Pelicans, Whooping Cranes, Sea Turtles and other endangered species that call our waters home. Enter the microscopic world of Diatoms, Copepods and Glass Shrimp when we deploy our specifically designed Plankton Seine and view our sample through a microscope to learn more about this fascinating and essential link in the oceanic food chain.

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Educational Encounters with the Sea


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